Tis the season to be cheap and merry!

Firstly, you have to read the post title in a Christmas carol singing voice. That’s very important. Secondly, this post took a fair amount of time to construct so lets be thankful to the sponsors of this post, King Price Insurance.

We all know that King Price is the cheapest insurance but what we don’t know is where to buy the cheapest geek accessories this Christmas, and that’s how this blog post was born. We all know at least one geek, and this post is for them. As a geek myself i’m tired of terrible gifts because you don’t understand what we like. So to help you South Africans be better at geek-gift-giving this Christmas, i’ve put together this handy guide!

Note – these items are from all over the South African internet. Not just our own eStore. We tried to be fair 😉

1. Star Wars Christmas stockings. Available for R695 from GeeksDoingStuff.com (sold as a pair).


2. The Joker Vinyl Clock. Available for R270 from Project Mayhem.

joker clock

3. Marvel Comics vintage comic book bow tie. Available for R320 from Vamers.


4. Lego brick alarm clock. Available for R269 from Takealot.

lego alarm clock

5. Bazinga christmas stocking. Available for R295 from GeeksDoingStuff.com.


6. Inflatable rollerwheel (i don’t know why i love this but i do!). Available for R799 from Mantality.

inflatable roller wheel

7. Pre-order them a Playstation TV. Available for R1499 from Kalahari.

playstation tv

8. And last but not least, if you have a geek that you REALLY love. A white Playstation 4 😉 Available for R6999.90 from Toys R Us.

white playsttion four_destiny_bundle_in_packaging

To be honest, gimmicky stuff is what makes us geeks happy. I’ve managed to add some cheap stuff to this list as well, so you have NO excuse. Talking about cheap, you can also get a quick quote from our royal friends of the insurance world. Go on, be a sport 😉

We know that geeks can be expensive friends but keep us in mind this festive season. With you decreasing monthly car insurance premiums, we know their should be budget for some Star Wars Christmas stocking gifts!


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