When i grow up i want to live in a Be@rbrick Themed House

I already buy all my ridiculous clothes from Asia, why not get a house there too? An architect firm in Thailand (called Onion) was tasked to design a Be@rbrick-themed house in Cha-Am Beach. Basically my dream house.

The house, which is owned by a pair of siblings who are huge Be@rbrick collectors, features a slick combination of modern architecture, clean surfaces and my all time favourite collectable figures – Be@rbrick Bears.

I would pay all the money in the world. ALL OF IT.

Bearbrick - 1 Bearbrick - 2 Bearbrick - 3 Bearbrick - 4 Bearbrick - 5 Bearbrick - 6 Bearbrick - 7 Bearbrick - 8

via DesignTaxi

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